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What is EUnetHTA?

What is the history of EUnetHTA?

What is the EUnetHTA network?

How can I reach one of your partner institutions or organisations?

Where can I find present and past copies of EUnetHTA magazine?

Where can I find upcoming events?

Where can I find a glossary for terms and acronyms?

What is HTA?

What are assessments?

Where can I find a current chart with completed and in-process assessments?

What is the HTA Core Model® and what are its nine domains?

What is relative effectiveness and what are EUnetHTA Rapid Relative Effectiveness Assessments (REAs)?

What is the primary difference between a full report and a REA?

What is the difference between joint (JA) and collaborative (CA) assessments?

What are the steps and timelines in the production process?

What are the POP and EVIDENT Databases?

Where can I find methodology guidelines?

Who do I contact for a possible pharma submission?

Who do I contact for a possible submission on Other Technologies (medical, diagnostics, screening)?

What are EMA-EUnetHTA Early Dialogues Multi-HTA?

What are Parallel Consultations?

Where can I find an FAQ for EMA-EUnetHTA Early Dialogues?

Who do we contact for EMA-EUnetHTA submissions?

What is Horizon Scanning?

What is National Implementation?

Where can I find usage and uptake of EUnetHTA assessments in the real world?

Where can I find an analysis of HTA and reimbursement procedures in EUnetHTA partner countries?

How can industry get involved?

How can patients get involved?

How can payers get involved?

How can health care providers get involved?

Where can I find information about available positions at EUnetHTA?